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Residential Rebate

Rebate for residences

Take advantage of government subsidy programs for the installation of your charging station.

Suppose you wish to install a charging station for your electric vehicle at your home. In that case, you may be eligible for $600 in financial assistance for purchasing and installing a 240-volt station.

Our charging stations are eligible for the program under the following conditions of participation.

Ensure you are the owner or long-term lessee of the electric vehicle and that the bill for the charging station is in the vehicle owner’s name.
Plan your installation work with one of our accredited partners for this program.
Finally, consult the procedure for submitting your reimbursement request.


Here are the conditions for the grant for the installation of your home charging station:

To be eligible for the grant, the applicant must own or lease a new or used electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid, or electric motorcycle.

If the vehicle is used, the name of the owner and the address of the charging station installation must be different from previous applications associated with that vehicle.

It is also important to note that the charging station must be purchased before submitting the application and must be new.


You will need the following information and documents to submit your application:

  • Your vehicle identification number;
  • The complete and signed bill of sale for your vehicle;
  • Your signed vehicle registration certificate;
  • Your charging station invoice showing :
    • Your name and home address;
    • The date of the transaction;
    • The name or company name of the supplier and its contact information;
    • A detailed description of the items being charged;
      the amount of each item being transacted and the final amount of the transaction (including applicable taxes and other charges).
  • Proof of installation of your charging station. You may attach the invoice for the installation work performed by an electrician, which shows the following;
    • The date of installation;
    • the name of the electrical contractor
    • the contractor’s RBQ license number
    • the amount of the installation fee (before taxes).
  • If you already have a 240-volt outlet outside your home or in your garage, you can provide one or more photos as proof of installation. Ensure that the installed receptacle, a general view of your home, and your door number can be seen.


If your charging station can be both level 1 and level 2, the proof of installation must mention that the electrical voltage is suitable for a level 2 station.

You can consult the Quebec government website for complete details of the subsidy program.