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J1772 Connector Receptacle

J1772 Connector Receptacle



The EasyEvPlug receptacle is very sturdy, specially designed to hold the connector and wrap the cable when you are not charging your vehicle. The design keeps the plug at a special angle for more clearance. Keep the charging connector in a safe and convenient place to extend the life of your charging station.

Easy Insertion

The patented design allows you to always insert the plug perfectly and easily – even in the dark. Simply insert your charging gun into the receptacle, and it will snap into place.

Compatible with all J1772 connectors

You can wrap up to 25 feet of cable and keep it out of the way when you’re not charging your electric vehicle.


Made from high-quality plastic and a thick, sturdy design, the EasyEVPlug receptacle is durable and can be used in indoor and outdoor environments.

Easy Installation

The package includes the receptacle, 4 screws, and 4 drywall anchors for easy installation. The receptacle can easily be mounted on any flat surface near the EV charger.

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