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Residential charging stations

The best expertise for your home charging station purchase

VE recharge offers a wide range of high-quality residential charging stations to meet the needs of every customer. We know the importance of fast and efficient charging for electric vehicle owners. We have selected the best technologies available to offer reliable and efficient products.

VE recharge also offers unparalleled expertise in the field of electric vehicle charging. Our team is trained and experienced to provide advice and solutions tailored to each customer. We take into consideration your specific needs to recommend the best product.

If you want a reliable and efficient electric vehicle charging solution, please get in touch with us. We are here to help you find the ideal charging station.

Characteristics of electric cars and municipalities
It is necessary to know the recommendations of your car manufacturer and your municipality’s laws and regulations. Our team will guide you through this process to obtain the required support for your requests and solutions.

You have more than one vehicle to recharge or want to plan your installation to do so, we have solutions for you!

Electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. You may have more than one vehicle to charge. In many cases, if your electrical installation is already in place, you will not have the possibility to install two independent charging stations. Rest assured; we have solutions for you.

Ve recharge can advise you on selecting terminals and intelligent power management necessary to reach your goal. Some products also allow you to manage solar energy.

Trust the real experts!

Proud of our commitment

We are proud of our commitment to the environment, quality, innovation, and customer service. We believe in the importance of a sustainable future and the transition to electric vehicles. We are committed to providing the best products and services to help our customers achieve this goal.

Selection of EV charging products