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Multi-Unit and Condos

Multi-unit and condo charging stations

Discuss your multi-unit charging station project with real experts

VE recharge offers several solutions for charging stations in multi-unit buildings. Whether it’s a rental or condominium building, we have the answer. We understand the critical importance of fast and reliable charging availability for your building’s electric vehicle owners.

We will work with you to determine the possibilities based on the characteristics of your building. To implement electric charging stations in a multi-unit building, careful planning is required to meet everyone’s needs.

Look no further if you are looking for reliable and efficient products for your multi-unit building. The VE recharge team will find the ideal solution based on the available products.

VE recharge, your expert advisors in the implementation of charging stations for multi-unit buildings and condos

To ensure the success of your charging station installation in your multi-unit building or condo, several factors must be considered. Thanks to its expertise, VE recharge can help you choose the right solution. We will suggest the charging stations best suited to your situation and your needs and the intelligent power management solution compatible with the selected stations.

We can assist you in thinking about your charging station implementation plan and the factors to consider. Our team leaves nothing to chance:

  • Type of vehicle to charge
  • Number of cars to charge
  • Cost breakdown of electricity used for recharging
  • Immediate and future needs
  • Limitation of locations
  • Other

Trust the real experts!

Proud of our commitment

We are proud of our commitment to the environment, quality, innovation, and customer service. We believe in the importance of a sustainable future and the transition to electric vehicles. We are committed to providing the best products and services to help our customers achieve this goal.

Selection of EV charging products